It’s baby’s turn to wait.
This should be the most incredible and beautiful time of our life. But it shouldn’t be as stressful as many publications on the internet make it out to be!

Yes, there is normally a lot of work before the baby is delivered – buying clothing, choosing the correct equipment for baby’s everyday life, reading books and articles on what to anticipate while pregnant, and, of course, decorating the nursery. But why not have fun while creating your baby’s ideal room?

You may customise your newborn baby’s nursery and have fun at the same time by using SILK PLASTER material: it is simple to apply and dries quickly.

You may experiment with different colours and textures, and it contains no dangerous chemicals. If you change your mind about the colour, you can quickly remove it and alter your design!

South 941 SILK PLASTER was used in this interior.


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