Liquid Wallpaper

    Liquid wallpaper is a revolutionary product that allows you to create stunning patterns and textures on your walls with ease. Liquid wallpaper will make your walls look like they belong in a magazine or a luxury hotel.


    Deco Wallcoverings

    Transform your walls into a stunning showcase of style and elegance with our premium paints.


    Exterior Wallcoverings

    Transform your walls into a stunning showcase of style and elegance with our premium paints.


    Premium Paints

    Premium paints, that are produced by us are with vibrant colors, and exquisite designs that will create a unique and luxurious atmosphere in any room. Whether you want to add some flair to your living room, bedroom, or office.



    We are the leading manufacturer of luxury wall coverings for your interior and exterior. Contact us today and let us transform your space into a masterpiece.

    Silk Plaster - the Leading Wallcovering Manufacturer

    Silk Plaster is at the forefront of creating transformative solutions for your walls. As a Latvian company, we draw inspiration from our lush surroundings and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our mission is to enhance your living spaces with a touch of elegance, while also contributing to a sustainable future. With 25 years of experience, we bring innovation and sustainability together to redefine the aesthetics of living spaces.

    Main product categories

    Certified Product

    We Provide The Highest Quality Interior Design Solutions

    Product complies with European quality standards, has various certificates that prove its properties and is crafted with a genuine regard for nature. 


    Liquid Wallpapers (13)

    Decorative Wallcoverings (6)

    Exterior Wallcoverings (1)

    Premium Paints (1)

    Tools Supplimentary Products (11)

    The Science behind liquid wallpapers

    SILK PLASTER is an innovative DIY interior design solution applied with a plastic trowel on any kind of surface.

    Liquid Wallpapers

    The magic behind deco wallcovers

    With decorative paints, you can create unique textures like washed-out silk effect or ottocento, sandblast, or suede effect.

    The beauty behind premium paints

    We produce top-quality interior paints with a Distinctive color pallet and  Class 1 scrub rating

    “We have carefully selected 45 of the trendiest and distinct colors for our palette of interior design, ensuring a unique selection you won't find elsewhere. Our solutions cater to diverse environments, seamlessly adapting to various spaces. Whether it's a cozy residential flat, a bustling office, a vibrant restaurant, or an educational institution like a school, our offerings are designed to enhance and complement the unique characteristics of each setting.. ”

    Why Choose Us

    About SILK PLASTER group

    Our company is now more than 20 years old, having been founded in 1997. Using the very best equipment available on the market as well as our own patented technologies, we started out manufacturing alternative DIY-products for wall and ceiling decoration. After several years in business, we soon became one of the industry leaders.


    SILK PLASTER is an international company founded in 1997

    More than 1500 variations

    4 different product categories. Select product variation that fits your needs

    Fast delivery times

    We are located next to Riga port and have contracts with most courier companies, which makes logistics fast and affordable


    We are proud to be the global leader in producing decorative plasters, paints and liquid wallpapers

    Flexible pricing policy

    Wide range of prices, from super affordable to up-market segment

    Customer support

    Team of professionals, that will support you with technical questions and share their B2B market development experience in 6 different languages


    Check our portfolio gallery

    Look for inspiration in our gallery of life Silk Plaster projects


    what our customers say about SILK PLASTER?

    A satisfied customer is our highest priority and value. We always strive to give you the best we can offer.

    customers rated our support


    Average rating 4.9 / 5

    We have 3 showrooms across the country, the product is available in all major DIY stores and there is still space to expand

    Denis Kopylov
    Denis Kopylov

    Silklaster.bg co-funder

    Working with Silk Plaster since the beginning, already 10 years mutually beneficial cooperation”

    Saulius Sakalauskas
    Saulius Sakalauskas

    IL Meistrus CEO

    An extensive array of colors and textures, and I'm equipped to meet the demands of even the most particular customers.

    Stan Yunatanov
    Stan Yunatanov

    Art In Home Inc, USA.

    “Os designers na Espanha estão expressando grande admiração pela paleta de cores oferecida pelo "Silk Plaster". Recentemente, introduzimos essa paleta nas prateleiras da Bauhaus.”

    Juan Daniel Martin Ruiz
    Juan Daniel Martin Ruiz

    CEO at Revestimientovinilico

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    Read about the latest news, products, and design trends.

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    It is possible to become a distributor for SILK PLASTER. You can find SILK PLASTER in more than 900 boutiques located all over the world. Numerous multi-brand stores also retail our products as well as thousands of private traders. We are always actively working to expand our distribution network and would be very happy to hear from you!

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