Key features:

Silk Plaster’s unique wallcovering Mixart can be used indoors and outdoors


What is exterior wallcovers?

Discover Silk Plaster’s expertise in crafting premium facade finishes with our innovative material, MIXART. This ready-to-use, universal finishing material boasts a distinctive texture and a rich color scheme, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your spaces.

MIXART is designed for both internal and external surfaces, providing a topcoat that stands out for its increased wear resistance, durability, and eco-friendliness. Ideal for application on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, gypsum, plasterboards, stone, cement, brick, chipboard, and fiberboard, MIXART transforms walls in residential and non-residential premises and enhances the facades of buildings.

Protective properties

Not only is Silk Plaster unique in style it has many benefits. Heat- and soundproof properties are additional advantages. You can speak, laugh, and have private conversations without being worried about causing too much noise for your neighbors. Aswell as soundproof qualities, the materials that makeup Silk Plaster have heat-insulation properties. Silk Plaster can make your house warmer and cosier. SILK PLASTER also forms an additional UV-protective barrier thanks to its UV-protective qualities.

Exterior wallcover collections

Silk Plaster is the leading manufacturer of Liquid wallpapers and other dry and liquid mateeials. 

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what our customers say about SILK PLASTER?

A satisfied customer is our highest priority and value. We always strive to give you the best we can offer.

customers rated our support


Average rating 4.9 / 5

We have 3 showrooms across the country, the product is available in all major DIY stores and there is still space to expand

Denis Kopylov
Denis Kopylov co-funder

Working with Silk Plaster since the beginning, already 10 years mutually beneficial cooperation”

Saulius Sakalauskas
Saulius Sakalauskas

IL Meistrus CEO

An extensive array of colors and textures, and I'm equipped to meet the demands of even the most particular customers.

Stan Yunatanov
Stan Yunatanov

Art In Home Inc, USA.

“Os designers na Espanha estão expressando grande admiração pela paleta de cores oferecida pelo "Silk Plaster". Recentemente, introduzimos essa paleta nas prateleiras da Bauhaus.”

Juan Daniel Martin Ruiz
Juan Daniel Martin Ruiz

CEO at Revestimientovinilico

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It is possible to become a distributor for SILK PLASTER. You can find SILK PLASTER in more than 900 boutiques located all over the world. Numerous multi-brand stores also retail our products as well as thousands of private traders. We are always actively working to expand our distribution network and would be very happy to hear from you!

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