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If you’re looking for a wholesale partner that specialises in liquid wallpapers and decorative paints, look no further! SILK PLASTER is truly a global company, offering opportunities to be part of our team wherever you are in the world and no matter what language you speak!

Liquid Wallpapers

Benefits of Being an Approved Distributor

Not only will you be joining a team of passionate, international professionals, but you will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences, upgrade your skills and develop your career to the next level.

All of SILK PLASTERS distributors have complete access to all of our marketing materials and sample products, and also have access to the website and social media channels for additional content ideas and digital assets. Get the best wholesale price and products right from the manufacturer. Send us a message and ask for the pricelist.

What We Look For In Our Partners?

Our experienced team of highly qualified engineers, designers and specialists work directly with clients. The team is continuously working to improve our manufacturing technologies and the overall quality of our finished products, to directly benefit the customer – and now SILK PLASTER wants you to help develop further.

Thanks to twenty years of outstanding teamwork and extremely high standards, SILK PLASTER has become a world leader in the manufacturing of wall finishing materials.

Create you own brand

Embark on a transformative journey with Silk Plaster’s white label opportunities. 

Featuring a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), we remove entry barriers, facilitating seamless exploration and expansion of your brand. Customize your products with your own branding, ensuring each item proudly represents your unique identity. Take charge of your marketing strategy, whether nurturing an existing brand or venturing into the creation of a new one. Our white label program empowers you to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience. Streamline your brand integration with Silk Plaster’s white-labeled goods, offering a turnkey solution for a polished and professional presentation.ess is user-friendly, with clear instructions on the packaging. 

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Why Choose Us

About silk plaster group

Our company is now more than 20 years old, having been founded in 1997. Using the very best equipment available on the market as well as our own patented technologies, we started out manufacturing alternative DIY-products for wall and ceiling decoration. After several years in business, we soon became one of the industry leaders.


SILK PLASTER is an international company founded in 1997.

More than 1500 variations

4 deferent product categories, Select product variation that fits your needs

Fast delivery times

We are located next to Riga port and have contracts with most courier companies, which makes logistics fast and affordable


We are proud to be the global leaders in the production of decorative plasters and liquid wallpapers.

Customer support

Team of professionals, that will support you with technical questions and share their B2B market development experience in 6 different languages

Flexible pricing policy

Wide range of prices, from super affordable to up-market segment

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