While liquid wallpaper holds strong against other options in the market and would most likely take the lead on any mainstream solution, such as paint or traditional wallpaper, it is not perfect. No option is. In this article we’ll tell you what are the benefits and drawbacks for choosing liquid wallpaper, should you consider introducing it in your home or place of business.

PRO’s of using liquid wallpaper

To start this off on a positive note, let’s look at the benefits of using liquid wallpaper covers over other market solutions.

Silk Plaster wallcovering comes with a series of benefits no other options offer. First and foremost, it’s made from eco-friendly materials, which will work well for sustainability-oriented people as well as those with outstanding allergies that you want to avoid when at home.

These products come with a unique soft-to-the-touch texture that will make the space feel homey and warm. And because of its unique texture, liquid wallpaper also works well in masking any impurities on the underlying walls. The texture, perfected by the Silk Plaster team, also provides acoustic insulation, giving you an acoustic wallcovering solution as an added bonus! Even better – it doubles as thermal insulation, meaning that both your ears and your bodies will be a little more comfortable in a liquid wallpaper covered room.

Another benefit? Liquid wallpapers are odourless! As you might know from personal experience or otherwise, one of the drawbacks for traditional wallpapers is their ability to absorb and store all in-house odours. Silk Plaster wall covers provide a wonderful, pleasant to the touch texture found in wallpaper as well as rejects any humidity and odours.

From a more practical point of view, liquid wallpaper is easy to put up and also has the wonderful option of fragmentary repair. So if and when something goes wrong and you end up with a smudge or a marker drawing on your wall, you can easily remove the damaged area and replace it, without any noticeable difference.

What’s more, because of its texture and form of application, liquid wallpaper is a wonderful option for the ceiling as well as the wall and will never show any seams or be subject to bursts, like the other options might.

Let’s not forget that Silk plaster products also come with the added benefit of fire-resistance, making it one of the safer options out there and a wise investment into your home and well-being.

Finally – the look. Silk Plaster liquid wall covers come in a myriad of colours and textures, providing you an extensive selection that will surely encompass what you’re looking for or inspire you for something new. From bright to calming tones, plain colours to intriguing mixes, there’s something for everyone!

CON’s of using liquid wallpaper

As mentioned before, no solution is perfect. And even though after the first part it may seem that this solution has it all, liquid wallpaper may not be suited for everyone.

All liquid wallpaper products come in packs, in dry form. After mixing with water and any preferred additives, you put it up one the wall. If by chance, you happen to make too much and there’s ready-to-go product left over, you won’t be able to save any of it. To avoid this, each packet has instructions and you can always consult our team, if in doubt, but if you’re already three steps ahead, sadly there’s no way to salvage the ready-made material.

However, it should be noted that the product in dry form and in a closed packet has a long shelf-life and can indeed be set aside for further use, like a need for fragmentary repair.

You’ll also find that liquid wallpaper won’t work in situations where there’s running water near it. For instance, a fountain. In its essence, it does still work as a wallpaper, and exposure to water will ruin it.

Finally, the cost. Although liquid wallpaper comes with a lot of benefits and has a good quality/price ratio, it may not be the best for those looking for a cheap home-improvement option. However, if you’re looking for a high value product that will last you years, this might just be your best choice!

There it is – the pros and cons of choosing liquid wallpaper over other options. We hope you found this helpful and be sure to contact our team, if you have any questions!