Wall finishing that is simple to apply, permeable, and green may sound like a pipe dream, but it does exist!

Applying SILK PLASTER ornamental plasters (liquid wallpaper) is a distinctive and reasonably priced technique to give the area the ambiance you want.

A cutting-edge wall covering material that can simply and evenly cover walls without seams is silk plaster. It maintains its shape over time, its colors don’t deteriorate in the sun, and it doesn’t react to variations in the room’s temperature or humidity level.

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Silk Plaster’s cutting-edge technology may reduce wall flaws and enhance sound and heat insulation. Additionally, the material’s composition has no overpowering odor, it does not gather dust, and it is incredibly simple to use.

You don’t have to leave the room or building for renovations if you know how to apply decorative plasters.

Decorative plasters, unlike painted walls or normal wallpaper, can be simply fixed if you need to change a portion of your interior design or mend a broken segment or segments. Segments that have been fixed will seamlessly fit in with unrepaired wall finishing


Curved or uneven shapes and surfaces, such as arches, columns, masonry, wood, and metal, are easily covered by decorative plasters. Because it is elastic and does not rip or break even when newly created buildings shrink, the finishing material is perfect for newly constructed buildings.

Only using natural products

Silk ornamental plasters are very eco-friendly. Silk and cotton are the sole natural components used in the composition, along with cellulose glue and quartz binder.

This eco-friendly wall finishing material keeps your walls dry and breathable thanks to its eco-friendly composition and innovative technology, preventing the growth of mold and harmful bacteria.

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The material’s antistatic properties are yet another crucial aspect of decorative plasters.

The fact that decorative plasters don’t collect dust is particularly significant for youngsters and allergy sufferers. This unusual finishing material controls the room’s humidity level as well. When the humidity level is too high, liquid wallpaper absorbs the moisture and releases it when the air in the room dries out.A wide range of colors and unique possibilities

The wide variety of colors available in decorative plasters is another benefit.

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For your interior designs, SILK PLASTER provides a choice of 21 collections, more than 300 colors, textures, and options. The largest color and texture pallet in the world is updated frequently. The ability of liquid wallpaper to be utilized to make ornaments and pictures is another distinguishing quality. Walls can be decorated with any image, ornament, or pattern that can be made simply by mixing colors to produce eye-catching patterns.